Thermal Storage

Together with our partner, Inficold India Pvt. Ltd, the global leader in thermal energy storage products and services for refrigeration and freezing applications, ISON offers EPC either direct and\or indirectly through its local partners across the MENA region to the clients.
We offer a well-customized cold storage room, milk coolers, and air conditioning solutions with grid-resilient and off-grid solar integration options.
Thermal energy storage stores cooling in the form of ice as an energy storage medium for later usage. It needs 6 – 8 hours of grid/solar electricity to provide 24 x 7 cooling without the need for a diesel generator or electric battery. Solar photovoltaics are integrated for captive consumption of solar energy without the need for net metering (which requires DISCOM approval) or electric batteries (which requires frequent replacement) and thereby allowing quick installation and a short payback period. For more details please visit


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