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Partners expect an exceptional level of professionalism and commitment toward building long-term partnerships.

Fahed OTHMAN, Founder

Project Development

Finding a lead and managing opportunities to build concrete investment structures in the field of renewable energy either directs to our investors or together with local partners who added value to the business as per our high calibers selection indicators.

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ISON has been arranging financing for your equity needs through either finding a direct investor or equity fund or we can arrange to finance for your debt financing, also helping you to identify a strategic buyer.

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Trading House

ISON as a trading house specializing in trading, marketing, and distribution of drilling materials, chemical raw materials, and food ingredients.

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Thermal Storage

Throughout the MENA region, ISON and Inficold operate engineering, procurements, installation, and commissioning of solar-based thermal energy storage solutions for refrigeration applications (Cold Storage Rooms, Milk Coolers, and Air Conditioning).

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Carbon Credits

In accordance with Kyoto Protocol adopted at the third conference of UNFCCC in Kyoto, Japan, on December 11, 1997, Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. | UNFCCC, ISON “The Cooperation Partner”

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How we do it

Innovative strategies

Upon partnering with ISON, partners expect an exceptional level of professionalism and commitment toward building long-term partnerships.
The partnering process with ISON starts with a systematic framing of opportunities against threats; ISON combines careful analytical thinking of strengths and weaknesses to formulate road maps coupled with implementation guidelines and insights that deliver the ultimate yield of cooperation.

Who we are

Throughout years of accumulative market experience with operations spreading across the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, ISON has been effectually formed in 2017 to offer high-value products, investments’ consultancy and business development services.

Deep market knowledge and long-term relationships to public and private customers enable ISON to formulate concrete partnerships across the territories it operates in order to help with the improvement and growth of it’s partners’ businesses to reach together to the aimed sustainable developments targets.

ISON commits into win-to-win business model which adheres with the legal requirements together with its partners and clients in order to create mutual advantages and real values in all its relationships wherever it operates.

While the successful records witnessing on the spirit of ISON, we keeps the development efforts strictly committed to various initiatives related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission releases with the finality to significantly reduce them (the current target considers a 30% reduction within the Year 2030).

Teratorries of Operations

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