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Partners expect an exceptional level of professionalism and commitment toward building long-term partnerships.

Fahed OTHMAN, Founder


Understanding the environment helps us to be aware of the issues related to the loss of global biodiversity, global warming, dwindling forests, depletion of the ozone layer, and energy resources. ISON cares about the environment and risk mitigation-related business targeting to achieve sustainability goals throughout the MENA regions!

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Renewable Energy

Producing power as well as heat/steam and cooling out of renewable energy sources is the core of ISON projects’ development and advisory services. We manage related opportunities to build concrete investment structures in these fields together with the world–first–class partners, investors, technology providers, and manufacturers.

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We are partnering a worldwide reference developers and EPC contractors in industrial infrastructures, water, and O&M fields that require a high level of service to offer our clients quality services through dedicated teams who are capable of creating and sharing economic, social, and environmental values. Thus we can bid on O&M, infrastructure, and power projects’ tenders in Jordan.

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How we do it

Innovative strategies

Upon partnering with ISON, partners expect an exceptional level of professionalism and commitment toward building long-term partnerships.
The partnering process with ISON starts with a systematic framing of opportunities against threats; ISON combines careful analytical thinking of strengths and weaknesses to formulate road maps coupled with implementation guidelines and insights that deliver the ultimate yield of cooperation.

Who we are

Throughout years of accumulative experience with operations spread across the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, ISON has been effectually formed in 2017 to offer high-value products and services as well as investments and development consultancy.

ISON Business Development LLC, A company duly construed and existing under the Laws of Jordan in 2017 in order to provide services related to ESG consultations, investments’ advisory, EPC projects’ development, carbon assets development and water treatment plants within MENA region. We bring the expertise and build on these to provide unique and well defined professional services to the customers.

We commit to win-to-win business model that adheres to legal and ethical requirements toward the partners and clients to create mutual advantages and real values in all the relationships wherever it exists.

While the successful track records witnessing on the spirit of ISON, we keep the development efforts strictly committed to various initiatives related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission releases with the finality to significantly reduce them (the current target considers a 30% reduction within the Year 2030).

Territories of Operations

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ISON is committed to UN 17 SDG goals!