We are partnering a worldwide reference developers and EPC contractors in industrial infrastructures, water and O&M fields that require a high level of service in order to offer to our clients quality services through dedicated teams who are capable of creating and sharing economic, social and environmental values. Thus we are able to bid into O&M, infrastructure and power projects’ tenders in Jordan.

We offer a containerized desalination plants that fits as best solution for INDUSTRY, TOURISM, MUNICIPALITIES and AGRICULTURE AND IRRIGATION applications. These units are essential for solving supply problems quickly and efficiently with 10% less power consumption and integrated to direct renewable source of power, due to its smaller size and ease of transport and installation. It’s customized as well for different raw water inlet, i.e. industrial, brackish, waste water and seawater. It stands out for its robustness and high production capacity. It is supplied in one or two containers, one for the RO System and one for the electrical system and that depends on unit size. The manufacturer is recognized as worldwide reference in water treatment and the experiences over 45 years are gathered to produce this unit for ultimate services to the clients.


Study and implementation according to the quality of the inlet water to the system. We propose different solutions tailored to the client’s needs.


  • Adjustment of PH
  • Conductivity
  • LSI saturation index
  • Sodium absorption ratio
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ISON is committed to UN 17 SDG goals!