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Who we are

Throughout years of accumulative experience with operations spread across the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, ISON has been effectually formed in 2017 to offer high-value products and services as well as investments and development consultancy.

ISON Business Development LLC, A company duly construed and existing under the Laws of Jordan in 2017 in order to provide services related to ESG consultations, investments’ advisory, EPC projects’ development, carbon assets development and water treatment plants within MENA region. We bring the expertise and build on these to provide unique and well defined professional services to the customers.

We commit to win-to-win business model that adheres to legal and ethical requirements toward the partners and clients to create mutual advantages and real values in all the relationships wherever it exists.

While the successful track records witnessing on the spirit of ISON, we keep the development efforts strictly committed to various initiatives related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission releases with the finality to significantly reduce them (the current target considers a 30% reduction within the Year 2030).

Vision, Mission & Values​


To be the provider of exceptional business development services for Energy and Utilities projects in the region as well as a leading distributor of high-value products.

Our mission is built on 4 key pillars:


By maintaining partners and customers for life, treating them as long-term partners, as well as taking care of our employees and their families.


By working with highly-skilled employees, focusing on the exceptional quality of service and a vast network of logistics.


By seeking new opportunities in new markets and continuously thriving towards establishing ourselves as the business development service provider of choice as well as the distributor.


By achieving success while working strictly with integrity.

Core Values
  • We are dedicated to creating mutual and fair benefits and opportunities for all through our “win-to-win business model”.
  • We are committed to complying with the highest ethical standards and legal requirements wherever we operate.
  • We measure success not only through results, but also through the way success is achieved and impact.
  • We are fully committed to the development of our employees regardless of their background, social-status, gender, nationality or religion through continued learning and field experience
  • We strongly believe in the benefits of diversity.
  • We adhere with all legal requirements and abide by the laws, rules and regulations related to our business activities wherever we operate.
  • We refuse all forms of bribery and corruption.
  • We are committed to transparency and to keeping our promises.
  • We pursue excellence in everything we do, safely with integrity.
  • We seek to protect and build our reputation and the morale of our employees by engaging in no conduct that might undermine respect and by taking whatever actions are necessary to correct or prevent inappropriate conduct of others.


Our commitment is to create mutual advantage in all our relationships so that others will always prefer to do business with ISON.

We do this by:

  1. Understanding the needs.
  2. Conducting our activities in ways that bring benefits to all those with whom we have relationships

We work to build long-term relationships founded upon:

    1. High performance standards
    2. Preparing plans and setting clear business performance targets
    3. Delivering on our promises
    4. Openness and flexibility
    5. Learning from others
    6. Sharing success.


Practices which we consider to be dishonest, unethical or unacceptable include the following:
    • Deception, fraud, bribery and corruption of any form, type or nature
    • Profiting from, or enabling others to profit from, inside information regarding the company
    • Collusion for corruption purposes
    • Payments, gifts or entertainment of any nature from suppliers and/or clients to ISON staff, agents or representatives to influence decision-making or any other purpose(s)
    • Harassment in the workplace
    • Using a principal, contractor, agent, consultant or other third party to perform any act which conflicts with ISON’s benefits and beliefs
Practices which we encourage:
    • Respect and concern for others
    • Refraining from violence against another
    • Treating others with civility
    • Continuous learning and training

Should a partner become aware of any criminal acts or violation of any of the codes above, or feel that they are being pressurized into becoming involved in any dishonest or unethical practice, they are strongly encouraged to contact us immediately.

ISON affirms that such reporting will be acknowledged as a vital contribution to good business, which may enhance the reputation of the supplier and\or client.

You may contact us by email:

fahed@isonbd.com Or anonymously through our compliance line: +962795185855

Territories of Operations

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ISON is committed to UN 17 SDG goals!